This class involves a deep understanding of the different layers of our Aura, its functionality and the wonders of its wisdom.

The goal is to be able to physically recognize the energetic human structure in oneself and in others, while discover recognise and learn to read this subtle aspect, working mainly with the aura and the chakras in an effective and pleasant way.


Lesson # 1 – “The General Energy Structure”
Energy manifestation
Energy Channels
Tan Tien
The Chakra System
The 7 main chakras
Functionality and dysfunctionality

Lesson # 2 – “The Layers of the Aura”
1st layer – Etheric Body
2nd layer – Emotional Body
3rd layer – Mental Body
4th layer – Astral Body
5th layer – Etheric Body Matrix
6th layer – Emotional Body Matrix
7th layer – Spiritual Body

Lesson # 3 – “The influence of the Aura in our complexity”
The 7 expressions of each Chakra
The 7 complex structures of the Aura

Lesson # 4 – “Recognizing the interaction in the Aura and the different expressions in our life”
The Messages in the Aura
How to read
How to recognize
How to search
How to interpret
How to interact with the Energy Evolution in progress


Live Webinar
4 Lessons of 2 hours each

On Thursdays from 8.00 pm to 10.00 pm
First Lesson Thursday 11/02/2021 


Online lessons,
Offline Access to the lessons
Extra texts and material
Specific Meditations to work each topic


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