Each event leaves a trace in our energetic structure, the repetition of an event creates a thickening that evolves materializing from the subtle towards the body.  Thus ailments, diseases and habits mark our way to live and our life.

If we learn to see, read and understand energy evolution, we can intervene, act and change what seemed inevitable.

With this course, I want to offer effective tools to better understand the influence that each past event in our lives has on our bodies through its energetic evolution.

During the class

  • We will analyze and get in touch with the energetic evolution of past events
  • We will discover the influence they have on our energetic structure,
  • How to interpret it so you can be able to understand how a traumatic event can be rooted and evolve in the different layers of our aura, and then materialize itself in our physical body.
  • We will learn to recognize traumas and energy blockages, analyzing their evolution to interpret previous experiences, so that the decision-making process would be easier in the future.


Lesson#1  “General Energetic Evolution”
• From the outside to the inside & from the inside to the outside.
• Principles, beliefs and metaphors.
• Subjective reality & from subjective to reality.
• Repetition, certainty, circuit and realization.
• Materialization of our reality in the process of E.E

Lesson#2  “Analysing Energetic Evolution”
• First analysis: Neuronal evolution of an experience
• Second analysis: Energy evolution of an event
• Third analysis: Stages of energy evolution
• Fourth analysis: A case
• Fifth analysis: Experiential choice

Lesson#3  “Energetic Evolution Stages”
• First Stage: The First Event and the Metaphor
• Second Stage: The First Event in the Aura Structure
• Third Stage: The First Event up to the Chakra Structure
• Fourth Stage: The First Event up to the Physical Structure

Lesson#4  “The Experiential Choice”
• New neuronal path
• New energetic memory
• Analysis of anchoring and thickening
• Analysis of the stage of materialization


Live Webinar ( ENG – ITA – SPA)
4 Lessons of 2 hours each

On Thursdays from 8.00 pm to 10.00 pm
First Lesson Thursday 11/03/2021 


Online lessons,
Offline Access to the lessons
Extra texts and material
Specific Meditations to work each topic


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