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Santina Storni

My name is Santina Storni, I am Argentina, I live in Italy, I work in Berlin and now, all over the world with online possibilities.

The first oddities are from my being born black sheep, and the first steps in the subtle sciences I had when I met Reiki at the age of 18…. more than 20 years ago.

My first experience trying Reiki changed my life forever and I have never stopped since, ready to find out what else could happen.

My curiosity grew in rhythm with my hyper-sensitivity, which expanded with “miracles” that I couldn’t explain at that moment.

At the time I looked for teachers and teachers to guide me, however, no one knew how to answer my questions, summarizing everything in “it’s energy” … this was not enough for me, so I did the only thing you can do when you are alone. Practice and Statistics.

After a few, hundreds and thousands of treatments and practice, my abilities to see, hear, touch energy, aura and subtle energies, in general, became normal. To the point of seeing everything … that is, everything, in its multiversity.

Thus I learned to understand and speak the Reiki Language correctly, interact with the subtle energies and expand my access to the Subtle Universe in exponential form.

In 2002 I arrived in Europe like many Argentines after the great crisis of 2001 and since then I have lived here, first in Spain, then in Italy.

During my early years in Europe, I attended several courses in Reiki, Akashic Records, Crystal Therapy, Aromatherapy, and many others, because I always thought that everyone had something to teach and I something to learn, and seeing beyond, everything became extremely Interesting.

2008 brought me to Berlin, a place that I loved from the very beginning and that gave me many of my leaps in personal and professional evolution.

In 2009 after the requests of my Berlin patients I searched and found a Reiki Master in Italy to become a teacher myself. It was he who asked me if all my sensitivity and abilities were natural or the result of my effort and asked me if I could teach others my skills.

One month after that question, “Santina – teacher” was born, presenting my first in-depth courses to the world. At the time, “The Language of Reiki”, this leap, gave space to many others, on subtle energies, etc.

In 2010 I became a Reiki Master, mother of my daughter and like the Phoenix, I was reborn.

After 4 years of my Reiki Master, I decided to open the Holistic School “FormAzione Reiki” with a new great project for therapists called “La Biennale Reiki”

In school, many courses were born that I proposed in the hospitals where they were well received, I took my activities to other cities, bringing Reiki to schools, companies, etc. and to complete the picture, the Reiki Emergency Group was created to help those most in need by grouping second level reiki practitioners who send Reiki remotely to specific cases.

In 2012 I got to know the Family Constellation therapies which I loved very much. Being able to see the movement of energy, I thought about studying at Hellinger Schule but I didn’t stay long. For many years I have maintained my personal and private studies on the Morphogenetic Field and only in 2015 did I feel ready to share my vision skills applied to this technique with others.

In December 2018, another evolutionary leap took place, and a month later I channelled my personal Healing System which I called, as per the Universe asked for, Soul Healing System.

This new system of contact, awareness and healing of the Soul developed in different forms, synergistic with each other.

The Soul Theory, which corresponds to all the theoretical structures that explain the functioning of the Evolutionary Perpetual Motion in the manifestation of our reality and our life. This whole theory was shaped later in the birth of Soul Courses.

The Soul Meditations, Guided Meditations, channelled at the moment that allow the integration of theoretical teachings at a deep level thanks to accessing, understanding and integrating into the experience of the Soul Dimension.

The Soul Reading, is the therapeutic form in which, thanks to the reading of the energy structure, a map is created that allows the recipient to know their condition in seeing past, present and future and the movements to follow for profound personal growth and transformation.

The Soul Touch, is an empirical technique that uses depth contact to communicate one’s Truth from Soul to Soul and enter into deep Resonance with the other to read the Messages of the Soul that are ready to be read and received.

The Soul Field, is a technique that uses the work on the Matrix to read and decode the morphogenetic field of the human soul, allowing the person to undo repetitive knots and dynamics.

But the transformation did not stop…

In July 2019 the Universe gave me a new message in which it announced the need to open a Portal at the end of that year (from 7 December to 7 January) since “the new cycle would mark the end and the beginning of a new era”.

I never considered myself very shamanic, and I had never performed Ceremonies before, and even though I tried to break free, I could not escape my mandate and in the end, I had to accept the mission I received and I did.

“La Ceremonia del Portal”  was immense and no one, not even me, could have imagined what the Universe had prepared for us that year in its prophetic judgment. Thus, in February 2020, the prophecy came true and reality as we knew it paused.

During the quarantine, the Soul Meditations found its way online and so throughout that time you offer daily meditations in three languages.

Getting in touch with the Truth of the Soul allowed us to learn to listen to the Universal messages and the awareness that raised our frequencies converted the cloister into growth.

The Soul Community, born from the original group of meditators, expanded and once the new rhythm was resumed, life was completely changed for everyone.


Till now, I have managed to move 90% of my activities online.

* To create the Soul Healing System platform, with the most advanced training Soul Courses in three languages ​​…. which is growing every day.

* To offer Soul Healing Therapeutic Treatments and Soul Readings online.

* To create my art gallery with the reading collection, in NFT.

* To organize summer camps, “Soul Experiences”, which are intensive personal work retreats immersed in nature.


* And much more in the creation process ….

In the meantime, I carry out my Universal Mission, teaching, helping, guiding others to discover the Truth of their Soul, to share it with the world and others by understanding, welcoming and feeling free, serene and safe.

Since our Mission is and always will be that of

Be (yourself) … Fully (in your own truth) … Happy

and everyone deserves to know it, right?!

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