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Santina Storni

My name is Santina Storni. I’m an Argentinian, based in Italy, working in Berlin and now, all over the world with the online possibilities.

REIKI: I received Reiki when I was near 18…. more than 20 years ago. My first experience as a  Reiki Therapist changed my life forever, and since then, I never stop to look at what else could happen.
From that moment on, I was treating every person, situation, and element available. My sensibility grew with “miracles” that I couldn’t explain at that moment. 
In 2010 I became a Reiki Master, the mother of my daughter Alma and as a Fenix, everything in my life ends and begins. 
After 4 years following my Reiki Master, I open my own Holistic School “FormAzione Reiki” with a huge new project for therapists called “La Biennale Reiki”.

In my School I proposed and created many original courses, and present them in different realities as Hospitals, Schools, Companies, and for those who needed the most creating an Emergency Reiki Group that sends distance Reiki to specific cases.

TREATMENTS: From the first moment on, my full passion for helping others, understand, to get to the source sign my growth on treatments, made them more acute, deep, and valuable, with time the quality of my treatments increased, and my capacity to read energy became more and more acute.

SUBTLE ENERGIES: During my learning years, my never-ending research brought me to finally be able to see, touch, perceive, and interact completely with subtle energies and I discover the Universe I was looking for.
My Reiki Master Teacher asked me if I could share and teach my abilities with others and since then I do.
Already at the beginning of my teaching years was more and more necessary to create, increase, and developed deeper courses for the requests I received. Thanks to my Channeling capacities, with time and transmutations, we arrived at the “Personal Growth Courses” and to the Soul Healing System, that I teach today.

FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS: In 2012 I met the Family Constellations therapies that I really loved. Being able to see the movement of the energy, I decided to study at the Hellinger Schule but I didn’t stay long. For many years I kept my studies personal and private about the Morphic Field and only in 2015, I felt prepared to share my personal point of view with others.

SOUL HEALING SYSTEM: The Soul Healing System is the result of 20 years of studies and practices, a huge amount of knowledge that had no order and the result of a Channeling from the Universe that gave a proper shape to the howl Healing System, for this reason, I decided to say, that was “downloaded”.
Since January 2019, I’m giving birth to this new System through many shapes:

  • The Soul Theory, to explain how all this works
  • The Soul Reading, to create a map of the subtle energetic structure
  • The Soul Touch, to be able to read the body and their messages
  • The Soul Field, to work with the matrix of ourselves or specific topics

CERIMONIA DEL PORTAL: In July 2019 I received a message from the Universe announcing the portal that will get open at the end of the year (from the 7th of December till the 7th of January) that will sign the end and beginning of a new era. I never consider myself a shaman, and I never celebrate Ceremonies before, but in the end, I had to accept the mission I received and I did it. The Ceremony of the Portal was immense! and absolutely no one, could ever imagine what the Universe had prepared for us this year.

SOUL COMMUNITY: During the 2020 quarantine I received the Message and mandatory request from the Universe to offer a bridge to others to Increase together our Soul Frequencies, to keep healthy (physically, emotionally, and mentally), to transform, and to become a better version of ourselves.

The Soul Healing System discover new shapes and expressions

  • The Soul Meditations were created to get directly in contact with our Soul Truth, to learn how to listen to our Universal Messages and integrated into life with daily practice
  • The Soul Classes are the key to understand the discoveries of ourselves into infinite topics, passing through the different levels of our existence.
  • The Soul Community, born of the original group of meditators to bring our truth to the Outside World with projects, courses, events, and spreading our individual knowledge.

The way is being experienced and I’m 40 now. I think I could stop here, but the Universe said that I will stay till I end.

Therapist-Master Reiki-Soul Healer & more

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