Have you ever wondered why one person is more predisposed to a certain type of disease, illness or injury, than another?

The body constantly tries to manifest what is happening within us, and it does it through seemingly unrelated sensations, disturbances or events. Until we are able to hear what the body has to tell us, we experience events as random.

Looking at reality from a broader point of view and with the right accompaniment, you will find that learning to read the messages of the body is the first step in understanding their causality and managing it.

During this Live Webinar, I will offer tools to learn more about yourselves from a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual point of view. 
We will discuss the somatic manifestation of the body: how to recognize the messages, their meaning and the reason why they appear. 

Learning the body language allows you to connect with your Soul, so you can let go of the phrase “everything happens to me”, and replace it with answers to the question “why did this happen?”


  1. “Illnesses and accidents”.
    Causality and Randomness.
    Psycho-Physical /Energetic-Systemic Approach. Diferences between front-back, left-right, upper-lower parts.

  2. Trunk and organs. Metabolism, energy and resource management

  3. Lower limbs. Choices and decisions
    Upper limbs. Act and change your reality

  4. Head and sense organs. Information, emotions and psyche


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