Have you ever thought about how you behave in your life?
What do your reactions mean?
Why do you always react the same way to similar situations?
Why do your circumstances resonate with you? 

Here, these are just some of the few questions we are going to answer and solve …

We usually react automatically to pain, problems, conflicts, love; this is related to our first experiences, the first traumas and wounds that stayed open since early childhood, from uterine or pre-uterine life.

This course is divided into 4 meetings to analyze, study and observe ourselves in our reactive dynamics in order to create objective and compassionate habits towards ourselves and others.

This cycle of meetings has three purposes:

    • Teach self-observation by retracing each cycle of life
    • Learn to self-analyze one’s own reactive dynamics and to understand the traumas associated with them
    • Resolve and heal our wounds in order to change one’s perception of life, problems and relationships.



      “Pre-uterine life and pregnancy”
      “From birth to 3 -7 years old”
      “From 7 to 14 years old”
      your life in the womb,
      relationship with your mother and loyalty,
      the beginning of exploration in the world,
      relationship with your father and interacting with others,
      believes and knowledge you acquire in each stage,
      attachment and the beginning of conflicts with pears,
      disillusion by learning that your parents are humans,
      how to inhabit the world and independence,
      breaking limits,
      self-being manifestation and encounter with yourself.


Live Webinar ( ENG – ITA – SPA)
4 Lessons of 2 hours each

On Thursdays from 8.00 pm to 10.00 pm
First Lesson Thursday 07/10/2021 


Online lessons,
Offline Access to the lessons
Extra texts and material
Specific Meditations to work each topic


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