Soul Classes

The Soul Classes were born as accompanying the Soul Meditations for an even deeper journey towards self-awareness.

Now you can have access to them!
Each topic is divided into 4 lessons.
Includes theoretical and practical exercises to bring into daily life.
Here some of them:

  • The Origins
  • Time Dimension
  • Space Dimension
  • The Outside Universe
  • The Inside Universe
  • The Soul Dimension

  • The Emerging Field
  • The Physical Level of Reality
  • The Subtle Level of Reality
  • The Archetypal Level of Reality
  • The Possibility Dimension

  • The Soul Truth
  • Fear, Anger, Impotence, Anxiety
  • Relationships, Believes, Values, Ideals

  • The Soul Messages
  • The Conflict, The Lost
  • Our Mission in Life
  • To Receive
  • To Give
  • To Manifest


  • Each Soul Class is Recorded on “Live” mode on Zoom and available for participants.
  • You can also follow the Soul Classes only by watching the recordings.
  • Become a Soul Member and participate online in our weekly Soul Classes!
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