Soul Field

Soul Field: "Know the Matrix of your Soul"


Philosophy: Everything is energy in different densities; Matter, visible and tangible is the densest, but although the senses and the instruments reach the subatomic levels, emptiness is a perception that deceives our senses. The Soul Field is the highest frequency, the One that unites the parts as a whole is the invisible contact that generates and causes, is the Matrix, the plot in which everything is formed. The ability to vibrate in it allows us to see, reveal and witness the transformation of conflict to peace, in a natural and archetypal way, this means being present before the source of all things.

Personal work: It is the deepest level of subtle observation, the most static of movements, which accepts things as they are and makes them manifest in their purest form, giving rise to integration, unity and resilience.

Technique and Therapy: This Technique works with the morphogenetic field, abstract forms of the Soul and the Matrix of our structures. Following the necessary steps, initially, it allows us to observe the essence of the current situation. The plot of reality itself reveals its dynamics, locks, knots and unresolved issues, to conclude entering into Resonance with the most favourable key, in this way it will be possible to attend a resolution.
The sessions are individual, the duration will depend on the case and on the steps necessary to resolve, so it can vary between 60 ‘and 120’.
The results are visible on the person, family, social life, work and relational systems.

Training: To learn is necessary to access to the Morphic Field of the Soul obtaining a stable state of deep respect and humility. The experiential practice, the subtle observation and the application of the Theory taught in an intentionally created field are also fundamental.

Soul Healing System
Third-year – Soul Field – 
Advanced study of the Soul Matrix;

– Accessible only to those who have successfully completed the course;
– It allows the learning of corrections, additions and evolutionary elements both for oneself and for others;
– It uses the morphic field of the Soul to give a high, objective and targeted observation point. 

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