Soul Healing System

The carats of the diamond of the Soul are innumerable.
To know them, we must resonate with the pure essence of each one.
It means to know oneself, the limits that we create, the fears we try to avoid, the physical materialization cycle that we trigger to see what our Soul feels while we live our incarnated experience, and finally to know our mission in life.

To access the vibrational frequency of the Soul, the Soul Healing System has had to take shape, grow, and be born in a new theoretical structure that has its roots in years of observation, statistics, and comparison, the expansion of hypersensitive abilities matured in practice and developed over 20 years of therapeutic experience and personal work.

The philosophical basis or Soul Theory gives us a unique and realistic point of view. Three techniques were developed to offer a possibility to increase your self-awareness.
Soul Reading (Throw the Aura Reading),
Soul Touch (a Soul to Soul connection),
Soul Field (working with the Morphic Field) allows us to access the matrix of different levels of reality and interact with them.

This practice can be useful as a path of personal growth, or as a Therapeutic System, as the beginning of a change of consciousness.
Being in harmony with the Soul means finding balance, peace, harmony, being, and vibrating accordingly in happiness, which is our final goal.

Its objectives are: 

  • Finding the connection with your soul, giving us access to our deepest truth;
  • To get out of unhealthy automatisms that keep us locked up in harmful dynamics that once seen, accepted, and integrated will no longer need to exist or to repeat themselves;
  • See the inner and outer reality from a profound and harmonious point of view to our resonance;
  • Achieving our purpose in life: to be – fully – happy.
The theoretical basis or Soul Theory and the three techniques developed, Soul Reading, Soul Touch, and Soul Field allow us to access the matrix of different levels of reality and interact with them.


For those who want an approach of pure growth and both personal and therapeutic preparation, this long-term path is divided into levels 

Soul Healing 1
  Soul Theory
– 10 modules divided into 4 lessons each;
– They create a conditional basis for understanding and accessing high personal work.
– Each Module is composed of theory, practical exercises and learning control tests giving access to subsequent levels;
– Online lessons, videos and coaching included.

Soul Healing 2


  Soul Reading
– 5-day residential retreat
– To learn to observe and connect with one’s own and others’ Subtle Universe;
– Doing Soul Readings through the Aura;
– Therapeutic technique of Soul Theory

  Soul Touch
– 5-day residential retreat;
– To learn to read the other through contact and interpret the messages of the Soul;
– Connect with the messages that the body wants to give us and the Universe manifests before us

Soul Healing 3

Soul Healing

  Soul Field
– Advanced study of the Soul Matrix;
– Accessible only to those who have successfully completed the course;
– It allows the learning of corrections, additions and evolutionary elements both for oneself and for others;
– It uses the morphic field of the Soul to give a high, objective and targeted point of observation;
– This technique allows us to access the plan that follows our existence.

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