Do you know your Soul Truth?

The main goal of this Soul Course is to help you to remember the way to reach it and to follow the Soul Messages that we manifest all the time in our life, through our Physical Reality,  the Golden People we meet, the Soul Experiences we choose to live that push us into the process of learning between goals and fears to grow through them.

by learning how to listen to your personal Soul Messages
every time you want
because your Soul is the Universe, and the Universe is inside of your Soul
What for?
To flow, and to get to your Goal in life “To BE, fully and happy”


  1. Lesson # 1 – “Soul Truth” Soul DimensionOur Truth & The Truth of the OtherThe Mission of our life Conscious Communication
  2. Lesson # 2 – “Soul Messages” The different realms of our reality Physical Reality and Soul Messages Subtle Reality and Soul MessagesPractical application
  3. Lesson # 3 – “Universal Messages” Guides, signs and messages Destiny Karmic relationships – Golden Manifesting in the Dimension of Possibility
  4. Lesson # 4 – “Ancient Knowlege” The Archetypal Dimension Intuition Ancient Knowledge Universal Wisdom


Live Webinar
4 Lessons of 2 hours each

On Thursdays from 8.00 pm to 10.00 pm
First Lesson Thursday 08/04/2021 


Access to the Private Area for one year
Online Zoom Lessons
Recorded Lessons
Extra texts and material
Exercises and Specific Meditations to work on each topic


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