Soul Reading

"Wake up in the Wonderful World of
Subtle Energies"

Philosophy: In a Universe of invisible energy to us, we can find a great source of wisdom and experience that holds in everyone’s aura.

Information, experiences, messages, and directions, everything is written in our subtle bodies, the memories of our past lives, and the original wisdom we use every day thanks to the “insights” we perceive if we learn to listen to them and accept them.
The development of this ability begins with the perception of the aura that allows us to access the subtle realities of the person: physical, emotional, mental, and energetic, as well as other invisible facts, environments, people, situations, relationships, and their interconnections.

Personal work: Discovering the “invisible” dimension of the macro to the micro allows us to sense a deep inner peace, a secure connection with the “whole”: the world, the other, my being, and my interior. This multidimensional depth overcomes prejudice, loneliness, abandonment, and disapproval.

Technique and Therapy: Its therapeutic form allows the person to obtain a multidimensional map of his current situation, the origins of their present, and the direction of their actions regarding different areas of life.

This type of Technique develops in a session that lasts about an hour, in which the energetic situation of the person in different depth levels is observed, drawn, and explained. We observe a more superficial level (present moment), an intermediate level (structures and functionalities, conflicts and traumas), and a third level, the most profound, virtues and defects with our greatest fears and obstacles will reveal to us the mission of the Soul in its broader vision.

Training: The classes are developed with a practical basis, discovering the human aura and the different manifestations of energy (dynamics, relationships, blockages) in a visual, tactile, perceptive, and intuitive way. These enable us to know and recognize the energy structure in all its levels, human, material, spatial, temporal, and evolutionary.

Soul Healing System
Second Year –
Soul Reading
– 5-day residential retreat; 
– To learn to observe and connect with one’s own and others’ Subtle Universe;
– Making readings of the Soul through the aura;
– Therapeutic technique of Soul Theory

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