Soul Theory

Soul Theory
The essence of the Soul Healing System


Philosophy: This Theory tries to explain the dynamics between the Soul and the Subtle Universe, its Perpetual Motion, the direction of its evolution, and how it works. By observing, examining, experimenting, and developing his indications, we obtain a simple and clear vision that allows us to move in Resonance with the Soul.

Personal work: Leaving aside mental and emotional dynamics, in individual work, we study the root of behavioral structures. By observing their constitution, they can identify their original forms and learn from them.

Technique and Therapy: The Therapeutic form is giving light, being a guide for those in difficulty, understanding the reason for their situation.

Not intending to provide a possible solution, but to activate one’s abilities, offering the necessary tools to work inwardly, relying on a guide during the process one is facing.
Personal consultations can last between 60 ‘and 90’ a session, with a follow-up of one year.

Training: Open to those who take their first steps in Personal Growth, discovering oneself in the most habitual and rooted forms. Trained Therapists, helping to find a profound and perpendicular reading, which leads to the understanding of the other.

The teaching of the Theory of the Soul Healing develops in theoretical lessons with practical application in life and daily self-discipline to change the prism through which we observe life, the world, and its dynamics.
Thus, slowly, we will transform the beliefs and ideals that we have created through loyalty, purifying our mind from the limits that make us perceive reality, to allow it to manifest more harmoniously.

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