Soul Touch

Soul Touch:
Get in Contact with the whole Universe!

Philosophy: The metaphorical figures will open us to the memory of the physical body, the truth of your Soul, and its expression during the process of manifestation. Thanks to direct contact, we enter a body without limits, because there is no boundary between matter, emotions, thoughts, and energy. The voice of your Soul and your truth is the most significant connection to the One.

Personal work: We are an infinite Universe of information and possibilities embodied in a physical body that lives a reality that is composed of much more than matter, space, and time. Reading it, understanding it, and following it gives us all the tools to realize our real purpose, that of living our life experience in Resonance with happiness.

Technique and Therapy: Thanks to the one-hour treatment, we can navigate the body, discover the points of greatest need for energy, origin, and destination, where it comes from and where it is evolving, providing more profound and effective treatments. Physical pain, unresolved trauma, social intolerance (as a food allergy) is the product and the result of a single point, the Initial Cause. By healing it, the complex domino of consequences could dissolve.

Training: Once acquired the theoretical bases with which the energy moves and the language it expresses in its manifestations, the active practice and the exchange of treatments, experiences, doubts, and individual discoveries will be the key to being able to develop one’s perceptive abilities, allowing our treatments to be more efficient. The kinaesthetic language that is acquired and developed is the language of the Soul. It speaks in all things.

 Soul Healing System
Second Year – Soul Touch 

– 5-day residential retreat;
– To learn to read the other through contact and interpret the messages of the Soul;
– Connect with the messages that the body wants to give us and the Universe manifests before us; 

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