Subtle Senses is a course designed to explore the potential of human perceptions, to know and refine the senses we are endowed with. They are the tools we can use to receive information from the world around us.

To get to know the reality in which we live in depth, made up of subtle energies, “random” events and coincidences, the use of one’s Superior Sensitivity is essential.

The goal is to get in touch with the Subtle Abilities of Perception, study them together and exercise them, in order to have access to the multitude of information hidden in daily life.

This course is a journey of discovery towards the richness that lies within and outside of us, a path for those who wish to know, feel and see beyond what commonly appears.

Intuition and Empathy are just some of the subtle perceptions.
We are able to hear and see far beyond the five canonical senses, until today without the awareness that all our senses can be trained, sharpened and developed.
The information we receive through the senses can go far beyond what we perceive unconsciously and automatically.


Lesson #1 – “The Standard Senses”
The five canonical senses and the sixth sense
Other Senses
Simple, Sensitive and Developed Senses

Lesson #2 – “The Subtle Senses”
The seven subtle senses
Feeling on an energetic level
Discover how to see beyond, feel and touch, the Aura, the Energy Structure and the reality around you.

Lesson #3 – “Different levels of Perception”
Levels of perception
Simple Senses
Sensitive Senses
Developed Senses
Learn to enhance and develop your senses, canonical and subtle.

Lesson #4 – “The Higher Sensitivity”

Simple, Sensitive and Developed
Different points of perception. Physical, mental and emotional sensitivity

The development of subtle sensitivity.
Practices of visualization and perception synesthesia. 
Enhance your perceptive and sensitive skills.


Live Webinar ( ENG – ITA – SPA)
4 Lessons of 2 hours each

On Thursdays from 8.00 pm to 10.00 pm
First Lesson Thursday 06/05/2021 (Italian)


Online lessons,
Offline Access to the lessons
Extra texts and material
Specific Meditations to work each topic

This course is available in English and Spanish!


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