I always consider myself as my first and best patient, so every topic, exercise and practice that I propose to my clients, has been tried and gradually developed on my self first, for this reason, I can say “I Know”.

With 20 years of Personal Growth and Continuous Research, I get to some simple conclusions:

    • Is a “Humble Universal Need” to ask for help. (An outsider will always have a different and more objective point of view)
    • We can act, react and transform only ourselves and never the other.
    • Every Cause and Solution is “Written” on your Soul Truth. (always) 
    • Your problem is there to help you, not to harm you! 

Allow your Truth to show, and let’s dive on it together Soul to Soul!

“The deep connection between Souls is full of Universal Messages to read.”

During this One to One Sessions, we dive on the Soul Dimension, with a general read, or in a specific topic.
Reading Souls through the Aura fields, allows the person to obtain a multidimensional map of the current situation in many levels of existence, that I observe, draw and explain in different depth levels.

The present moment is the most fluctuating movement, shows instant thoughts, emotions, and reactions. 

The past & future is a processes level, where we observe how the past influence our present, directing our future. In this middle level, we dive into structures and functionality organs, chakras, energy blocks, decisions, dynamics, etc.

The Soul Level, the most profound essence of your Soul, shows the virtues and defects, the greatest fears and obstacles that will reveal to us the mission of the Soul in its broader vision.

This Individual Session, lasts about an hour, the Soul Reading will create a Soul Map, that will be explained in every part, shape and colour, with several propedeutic exercises to keep the personal growth.

The client receives the Soul Reading Map; the recorded session and online support if needed to keep working together.

Soul TouchThrough the Soul Healing System Technics, I can get an overview on the body’s energetic structure to find out the subtle imbalances and hidden problems of a person in order to address them effectively and consciously.

With the analysis of the person’s process and their energetic blockages, I can define the level of materialization created in the body as a consequence of a past event, like a disease, and determine the stage of the problem and its evolution. Therefore, its influence on the body’s energetic structure and its chakras.

The purpose for this treatment is to provide clarity in the personal situation of the patient in all existential levels, as well as identifying blockages, traumas and imbalances with the only purpose of finding the accurate tool for a resolution.

During each session, I explain, show and give personal tips to keep working in their mayor topics for their healing process.

energetic space counseling

“Everything in the Universe is Energy, and Messages to Read to bring balance to our lives.”

Since I can See, Touch, Read and Interact with the Subtle reality, I offer my capacities to observe, transform and change the energies of places, spaces farms, lands, companies, shops, family houses, etc.
When to do it?
When we live in uncomfortable situations or places because of the hide energetic blockages of old systemic dynamics that reflect on the happiness of life or ad example on business success.

How does it work?
I visit the place; I do my cleansing and reading session alone. Afterwards, with the client, we observe the movements of energy around, and I propose solutions to transform the situation.
Usually, only one visit is enough; on some occasions, I come back for supervision.

The Energetic Blockages are deriving from events that leave traces in us during life, this type of problem linked to past events of a traumatic nature. Each one has an experiential Message to keep and bring to the surface in daily life.

During this kind of work, (at least four sessions), and thanks to in-depth research on the subtle planes, we dive as much as necessary to reach the “Original Event” that caused the unhappy situation to be seen, understood and finally to work on it.

Is essential to know that sometimes in only one session, the problem has been resolved; this happened when the person just by discovering the “Message” indeed creates a massive healing reaction spontaneously.

In the other hand, is as well necessary to remember that the result can not be guaranteed because each one of us is different, and the “Original Event” can be, sometimes too much to be faced. On this occasion, the situation will remain seen, with possibilities to work still on it with a long term process, however present on the physical level.

This type of treatment has an entirely different approach and some principals to respect.

The First Principal. Every child is a little individual adult, a big Soul in a small body that we will see and respect. Aware of this fact, we observe their essence to find the best way to interact with them.

The Second Principal. Their Life Cycle moment, this will show the Processes they are facing in the present. 
Ad ex: A child is a reflection of their family situation (0-3 years old), a complex dynamic with others (7 to 14 years old), etc. In this level, we learn the effects of their Original Wounds and the Simpthoms they developed to resolve their conflicts.

The Third Principal. Every child is just looking to be seen, accepted and to belong to their family. And every family is looking forward to the happy harmonic relationship with their members.

Following these principals together, we observe, read, understand and reach a better level of comprehension and communication in the family with talks, games and exercises, situations between adults and children find harmony. 😉

When to do it?
Whenever you think is essential to understand the processes that your child/family is passing through, or you find yourself with no clue to see the situation from another point of view.

How does it work? 
We set an online consultation that will be recorded and shared with the parents afterwards. When the situation needs a more profound intervention, I offer a fulltime counselling solution by visiting and staying at the family host place for 2-3 days interacting with all the family members.

The possibility of having a holistic consultation on your pet is possible and very useful in case of need. 

During years I had help veterinaries, families, stables and farms to bring balance to their animals, including their owners or the family in which they live and all the related aspects on which it is possible to intervene to be of help. 

Every pet helps their owner to face and manifest for them the unhappiness in their lives. For that reason, many animals suffer or get problems or even get sick. 

During my visit or Counsoulting, I observe and connect with their Soul and needs giving voice to their needs. 

The session can take one or two hours, depending on each situation, and the solutions proposed can be different and several, and often, the owner has much personal work to face afterwards if you wish for a long term transformation.

How does it work? 
We have an appointment (on presence or online) to check the “rational” part of the situation, and when is needed I come to the place to see and have a more profound read of the site and family.

Sensitive Reiki treatments put at the patient’s disposal the enormous capacity for perception developed during the years through treatments by contact which allows me to perceive the energetic condition of the person, thus enabling to re-balance it.
If the patient has Reiki itself, will also receive the necessary instructions to continue with specific set of self-treatments.
If you want to know more, please check “Formazione Reiki”

“An Individual technique that takes place in groups, in a short duration session that works in the long term effect.”

It can take place as an individual session or developed in groups.
Set your appointment or create your group and lets organise a full family constellation evening!

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that perhaps we can not explain. Most of the times it depends on our education, our cultural background, our family laws, our loyalty to them and our way to express and live unconditional love.

Heal yourself, whether it is your childhood trauma, family relationships, your relation to money or difficulties finding a partner.

The truth is that in every aspect of life, we have a System to belong. (ad example on work, family, society, religion, nationality, race). The origin is because our relations with parents and ancestors allow us to feel ourselves in the right place, living our life fully. Keeping the family secrets (even if we don’t know them) bring us to repeat the same mistakes generation after generation.

Every family system looks forward to growing and surviving to bring light, balance and peace into the family.

For this purpose, there exists the Family Constellations therapy to help us to obtain our goals, to heal our family relationships and to guide our children and grandchildren to have a more comfortable family life.

“Heal yourself and shine, for yourself and each one of us.”


What they are and who they benefit

Family constellations are a valuable tool to understand the emotional blockages and illnesses that come from our family tree and of which we are unaware. Through teamwork and under the supervision of a guide, whoever exposes his problem (the “constellated”) will be an observer, while the other participants will represent different roles (father, friend, etc.) or symptoms (illness, financial problems, etc.). Free to move without a pre-established script, the members of the group (representatives) allow everything that “the constellated” did not know about his problem or family situation to emerge, in a kind of scenic representation. The facilitator has the precious and delicate task of accompanying “the constellated” in the awareness of what he alone cannot read, but which is clearly seen in the constellation (for example, the pain of the grandmother we never knew, but whose trauma weighs on us).


To understand how this technique works, it is necessary to start from the assumption that each one of us is always part of a system (family, ecosystem, company, etc.). As in any of them, even in the family, there is an order and a balance that guarantees the survival of all those who are part of it. According to the theory of the constellations, if in a family there is a person excluded, forgotten or not treated well, a successor can identify with him, defend rights and even follow or imitate his fate, including an illness or death itself. This mechanism is called “identification”. When discomfort is identified and brought to the level of consciousness, it is assimilated by the “the constellated” and it is then that the missing element is replaced or the order is re-established in the system that has lost its initial balance: the path that leads to the complete and definitive healing begins.


If we all belong to different Systemic Levels, at the origin of everything we have available: the Morphogenetic Field or Zero Field (ocean that contains the totality of universal information) and the Archetypal Forms. An Archetype is in itself a theoretical form, devoid of content. A universal form implicit in our souls from birth, which will be filled with each individual experience. To work at this fundamental level means to be able to heal the Great Subjects of life causing a wave effect that will reach everything, modifying the Matrix of our Field.

  1. The structure of Family Constellations – Theory and Practice

Morphic Field: To define how and why Family Constellations work, we need to understand the concept of Sheldrake’s Morphic Field and talk about the zero fields, the ocean of information we can draw from. This explains why in the same space different dynamics, problems and family systems can be represented even with the presence of the same participants.

The participants: The people present and willing to work do not need to be particularly trained, prepared or equipped to participate in a constellation, the reason is that the energy we draw from passes through people who like empty shells can be filled and crossed by any role is required to express the energy that manifests itself (same as what happens when the constellations take place with objects).

During the work of Constellations, the participants will have to follow his own Hear, respect and make him respect, this means that if he feels he wants to approach or embrace a person he can propose himself to the other, but he must not impose himself. In the same way, whoever receives this invitation is responsible for his own reaction and feeling, therefore if I did not want this approach or embrace it will be his responsibility to move away or refuse, also, without imposing himself. At the end of each constellation, exercise or going out of the morphic field the role represented expires and the person returns to being uniquely herself, bringing the benefit and the result of the order reached.

The constellation: it is the person who presents his own personal case, the constellation becomes an observer of his own systemic and dynamic making himself free to move and to see (free from his own and unique point of view) to further understand the problem in greater depth. Meanwhile, the representatives will take the necessary roles to start the constellation that will take place and move until the resolution arrives. When the right moment arrives, the constellation will enter the field to represent himself and face the resolution of his case.

The Facilitator: he is the one who supports the field, observes, interprets and predicts the movements of the energy during the constellation, is the guide of the constellation and he who feels that the re-establishment of the order is about to happen. The fundamental characteristics of a good facilitator is the lack of judgment on others, the ability to set aside the reactive mind and the ability to remain objective before the becoming of the constellation.


What people say?

Tre anni fa ho conosciuto Santina, tramite una mia collega di lavoro. Fin da ragazzina soffrivo di un problema intimo diventato quasi invalidante... nonostante le molteplici e ripetitive cure mediche il problema si ripresentava in maniera sempre più assidua.  Con Santina ho scovato il perché di questo mio problema. Di lì è iniziato un viaggio incredibile e durissimo... cosa importantissima, sono ormai tre anni che non si presenta più l’infezione e sono sicurissima che non si ripresenterà mai più . Grazie Santina.️

Alessandra Gai,

Torino (Italy)

...Avevo dei grossi problemi e lacune di gestione genitoriale con i miei due figli al tempo di 3 e 8 anni. Mi sono fatta seguire quotidianamente da Santina per circa 2 settimane, in cui mi ha spiegato passo passo alcune regole base di “comportamento” nei confronti dei bambini e di interazione con loro e tra di loro, supportandomi e suggerendomi come fare ogni qual volta mi trovassi in difficoltà; il tutto, ovviamente, rapportato anche sul piano olistico/sottile. Devo dire che i risultati sono stati straordinari, sia per esito che per tempistiche. Non posso che esserle grata per la disponibilità e l’aiuto ricevuto in tutti questi anni. Grazie grazie grazie..

Eleonora Merzagora,

Torino (Italy)

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